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Romanian arms transfers are covered by the Government Ordinance no. 158/1999 on the control regime of exports, imports and other operations of military goods, republished.

The Romanian control regime for exports, imports and others operations with military goods covers the following operations:
a) export, import and transfer, either permanent or temporary, from or into the territory of Romania;
b) brokering activity;
c) international transit via Romania;
d) transshipment (transfers from one
mean of transport to another) on the territory of Romania.

The destination and end-use of the military goods which are the object of the above-mentioned transfers are also subject to the controls regime.

The controls regime applies to all persons carrying out the mentioned operations with military goods. By „person” one shall understand any natural or legal entity residing in Romania, including the public authorities. The export controls regime shall also apply to Romanian natural entities outside the Romanian territory, in compliance with the international law.

All transfers with military goods regulated by the law are authorized by license.

Legal persons may carry out operations with military goods only based on the registration issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Department for Export Controls.
The applications for registration are subject to approval by the Ministry of National Defense – Department for ArmamentsFor each transfer, the persons concerned will apply for licenses to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Department for Export Controls.

The control regime does not apply to  the operations with military goods which are performed in connection with the participation of:

-  forces of defense, public order and national security system of Romania in military missions, operations, exercises, training activities and ceremonies outside of the Romanian territory;

-  foreign armed forces or law enforcement structures from abroad having the approval of the Romanian authorities to enter, station, conduct operations or transit through Romania.

 Also, the provisions of the control regime do not apply to the control regime of transit and transshipment when these opereations are related to a transfer of military goods between EU Member States.

According to art. 1, paragraph (4) of the Government Ordinance no. 158/1999, the controls do not apply to operations with firearms, their parts and essential components and ammunition for civilian use. Ministry of Interior through the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police, Directorate Weapons, Explosives and Hazardous Substances is the national authority responsible for the control of such goods. This measure was imposed by Regulation (EU) no. 258/2012 which entered into force throughout the European Union on 30.09.2012.


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