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Dual-use products are those products and technologies that normally have civilian uses, but due to their characteristics may have military functions or may contribute to the development and production of weapons of mass destruction.

Dual-use items export controls represent an important component of Romania's foreign policy in the post-1990 period. The legislative framework and inter-institutional cooperation make possible the increase of our country's contribution to strengthening the regional and global security and stability.

With the aim of controlling products and technologies that can contribute to the development, production and use of weapons of mass destruction, export controls represent the commercial dimension of international security.

Developments in this area are strongly influenced by globalization trends in the world economy, including those related to exports of weapons and dual-use products.

The existence of an advanced export controls system and of a national authority capable of effectively managing this area was one of the conditions for Romania's admission to NATO and for its integration into the European Union.

Export controls represent a mandatory activity and sustains the following activity domains:

  • the collective security of Romania and of its allies;
  • the national security;
  • foreign policy requirements;
  • obligations arising from international treaties and commitments;
  • the policy of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction;
  • concerns about terrorism and internal repression in certain states;
  • ensuring respect for human rights

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