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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Department for Export Controls (ANCEX), is the national authority in the field of export controls, import and other military operations, dual-use products, and is responsible for the implementation of the government policy in this domain.


It controls the way Romania fulfills the obligations and commitments assumed by the international treaties, agreements and arrangements in the above-mentioned domain and in accordance with the European Union legislation and treaties.


It provides, upon request, expert advice to economic agents and to other persons concerned in trade operations that involve military or dual-use items, subject to the control regime.


It represents Romania in the activities of international organizations and bodies with responsibilities in the control of military products and dual-use products.


It grants licenses for export, import, international transit, transshipment, brokering and technical assistance operations for military and dual-use items, as well as for operations performed without touching the physical territory of Romania.

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